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David Monk is a science writer and blogger who divides his time between Santa Rosa, California, and Oaxaca, Mexico. He studied physics and mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico and went on to earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He completed postdoctoral studies in clinical psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada and at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. After practicing as a clinical and neuro-psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa, California, he studied science writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz and began to write about scientific and technological advances.

With a background in both social science and the hard sciences and a wide range of interests, Monk has published articles on artificial intelligence, archaeology, astronomy, biophysics, climatology, cosmology, evolution and genetics, linguistics, medicine, psychology, quantum physics . . . plus a variety of technological advances. His news stories, news features, feature articles and commentaries have appeared in Nature, New Scientist, ScienceNow, Astronomy, StarDate, California Wild, Muse, The Boston Globe, the San Jose Mercury News and on KQED Radio.

David is the author of three books:

  • Medical Firsts: From Hippocrates to the Human Genome, Wiley & Sons, 2004
  • Science Firsts: From the Creation of Science to the Science of Creation, Wiley & Sons, 2002
  • Sharing the Children: How to Resolve Custody Problems and Get on with Your Life, in hardcover, Monk & Monk, 1988; in paperback, 1st Books Library, 2001.

Monk and his wife, Jo-Ann Wexler, write and self-publish Viva Oaxaca: An Insider’s guide to Oaxaca’s Charms. Information about the guidebook and about travel to Oaxaca can be found at https://essayhelpontime.com/.